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Scale, absolutely!

A RoboFont extension to scale points, absolutely!

  • it adds option to Inspector, where you can choose if you wish to scale absolutely or not.
  • it saves state of your latest option, so you don't have to always set it with opening a new inspector.
  • it supports mathematical operations and vertical alignment variables

Preview of Scale, absolutely extension

syntax for absolute scaling

  • 200 sets current selection's width to 200 units
  • +20 adds 20 units to current dimension
  • +20/2 adds 20 divided by two to current dimension
  • a sets current dimension to value of ascender, counted from baseline
  • A sets current dimension to value of ascender's blue zone, counted from baseline
  • A+B sets current dimension to value of ascender's blue zone + baselines's blue zone
  • A+D sets current dimension to value of ascenders's blue zone + descender's blue zone. This will result into scaling that goes from baseline blue zone to ascender's blue zone

NOTE: Blue zones must be set for given font if you desire to use this syntax. If no blue zones are set, thenA = a.

syntax for absolute transforming

  • works the same as the one for absolute scaling


  • live transform will show absolute values as well
  • input window will support math operations and variable of vertical metrics. Thanks, Renan!
  • shortcuts for scaling in both directions on both axes

history of versions

  • 0.5 - dedicated input cells, absolute set, available shortcuts to run current width/height settings
  • 0.4 - supports syntax
  • 0.3 - extension now has memory for inputs of absolute and relative scaling. Scale absolutely, go relative and then back to absolute and your values are loaded back. When you are scaling a contour, the extension shows absolute width and height in current scale transformation settings, the same as you scale in relative mode.
  • 0.2 - bug fix, wrong plist
  • 0.1 - initial version

For the absolute scalers :)


RoboFont extension to scale points absolutely







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