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simple shell script that allows controll of brightness by executing them. This allowed only one tee write path instead of all and thus fixing a potential security risc.
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This shell project is designed to allow change of the /sys/class/backlight/*/brightness without being root. This is usefull for keybinding.


Installation is mostly done by the small makescript I wrote. However setting this up for i3 and edditing the sudoers file needs to be done manually.

$ sudo make install

Make sudo not ask for a password

The script needs to be able to be run as root without sudo asking for a password (otherwise you can't keybind it).

$ sudo visudo

and insert the following line

%wheel ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/brightness

In my case the sudoers group is equal to wheel.


Now type in (be warned, a brightness of 0 made my screen completly black in the passed, use arrow up to get the 100 command again)

$brightness 100
$brightness 0

The birghtness should have chagned. Now you can setup keybindings to this script for your favorite window manager!

Key binding (i3)

If you use i3 you could use the following lines in your config to fix keybinding:

bindsym $mod+F8 exec brightness-
bindsym $mod+F9 exec brightness+
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