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Jargon is a publishing platform for people who write about code.

To post on Jargon, just fork this repo and check your Markdown-formatted articles into the /articles directory. We'll automatically detect and publish your content at


You can post drafts to the /drafts directory. This will allow you to privately preview your posts before you publish them. To publish them, simply move them to the /articles directory in your repo.


You can store images anywhere in your repo and refer to them in your articles with relative paths. For instance, if you had example.gif in the /images directory, then you could refer to it like this:


Extended Markdown

Jargon supports an extended version of GitHub-flavored Markdown. In addition to normal fenced code blocks, you can also reference code files stored in your /snippets directory.

This will embed the file foo.rb stored in the /snippets folder.

[snippet: foo.rb]

This will embed lines 18-24 from the file foo.rb stored in the /snippets folder.

[snippet: foo.rb:18,24]


We'll automatically detect which languages you use in your posts and add a tag for each one. You can also manually add tags with the [tag: ]... tag. You can find an example here.


Anything you add to your repo's bio.txt file will show up on your profile page and any articles you post. We truncate at 250 characters and allow the use of <a> tags.