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A python (2/3) library for GTFS
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pygtfs is a library that models information stored in Google's General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. GTFS is a format designed to specify information about a transit system, such as a city's subways or a private company's bus services. pygtfs stores information in an SQLite database using SQLAlchemy to facilitate the storage of Python objects in a relational database.

pygtfs is a fork of @eoghanmurray's fork of a @andrewblim's gtfs-sql which is a fork of @bmander's gtfs. See the git logs for more fun history.

License: MIT, included in license.txt.


  • SQLAlchemy 0.7.8. Used for all mapping of GTFS objects to the relational DB. You'll need to be familiar with it to read the code; the documentation is pretty solid.
  • pytz 2012d. A few GTFS fields are expected to be in a tz time zone format.
  • six. Used in order to support python2 and python3 in a single code base.
  • docopt. Pythonic command line arguments parser, that will make you smile


Get setuptools if you don't have it, clone the repo, and use python install.


Hosted on


  • Improve testing; add some unit testing framework and test with a variety of GTFS data feeds.
  • Add more docs

Why fork?

  • natively support several gtfs feeds per database
  • less SLOC, more DRY
  • add python3 support
  • renamed to a more generic name
  • will continue to maintain
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