Who's using jasmine

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Who's Using Jasmine?

Using Jasmine in your project? Let the world know about it here. Please include a website and source (if you can share it) to help educate others.


Advanced JavaScript Importing & Loading Extension enables namespace creation and on-demand script loading in browser-based JavaScript environments.

web: http://ajile.net/tests/jasmine/ | source: http://github.com/iskitz/ajile

Count it Down

This is my entry in the 10K Apart Challenge. It is a countdown clock. Enter a clock title and an end date and time and it will count it down for you. It sports smooth clock animations, before specific digits change they will flash red, and you can share your clock w/ friends through a url generated by your title and end date and time.

Jasmine was essential in this project. First I wrote all the specs for an uncompressed version. When it was time to compress every little bit of code, I updated my specs w/ the renaming and refactoring for a smaller size. It was very intense, for example the Clock class because just 'K' and all the jquery methods were aliased to 'a' or 'rc' or 'x'. Without Jasmine double checking all of my renaming, I would have gone insane.

-- Roy Kolak

web: http://10k.aneventapart.com/Entry/165 | source: http://github.com/roykolak/count-it-down


The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network.

We're currently backfilling specs for existing js (which has been an educational process) and will be TDDing it moving forward.

-- Sarah Mei

web: http://www.joindiaspora.com/ | source: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora


We're using Jasmine at EaselTV for some JS/HTML based TV apps.

web: http://easeltv.com/

End to End JavaScript with Node.js and HTML5 by Sal Mangano

A new O'Reilly book in the works that demonstrates the construction of a multi-player poker game entirely in JavaScript and HTML5. Jasmine is used throughout as both a specification language and unit testing framework.


Flite is a cloud-based ad platform that enables marketers to deliver ads people love. Our platform allows advertisers, agencies, and publishers to create, serve, and measure ads that are as dynamic as the Web.

web: [http://www.flite.com]

InEx Finance

An online personal finance software with enhanced money management tools. We are using Jasmine for testing our project's html5 web version (UI developed using Backbone.Marionette) and the Android application (based on Rhomobile). Around 800 tests have been developed to ensure an error-free project performance.

web: www.inexfinance.com

Javascript Koans

An interactive demo for learning javascript by fixing failing tests. We needed something easy for novice programmers to get up and running with so having a web based runner was the ideal. Having a decent stack trace information was also essential. Finally, being able to customize the look of the runner for the purposes of the tutorial was a really nice added bonus!

javascript: https://github.com/mrdavidlaing/javascript-koans | jquery https://github.com/stevehorn/jquery-koans


Real time collaborative mind mapping for Web, iPhone, & iPad. The web version is all html5 + javascript.

web: http://maptini.com/

Nokia OVI maps API

We are using Jasmine for basic unit testing our API. web: http://api.maps.ovi.com/

Trollbridge Armours

A javascript/svg game created during an 48hrs hacking contest with enough time to write ~90 specs to ensure the various actors of the game behave accordingly.

web: http://trollbridge-armours.ananasblau.com/ | source: https://github.com/TomK32/Trollbridge-Armours


web: http://www.verticalresponse.com/


Viadeo is a professional social network with over 40 million members. Viadeo is used by those who want to increase their business opportunities, enhance their visibility & online reputation and manage and develop their network of professional contacts.

web: [http://www.viadeo.com]


Weplay aims to be the online home of youth sports. Our users are coaches, players, and parents involved in team sports including soccer, football, baseball, cheerleading and more. We provide tools including scheduling, messaging, photo/video sharing and virtual awards, for coaches and parents to organize their team's online presence. Our younger users also use Weplay to engage with their friends, play games, and earn incentives. A vibrant community is also emerging around our offerings for Skills & Drills and Questions & Answers.

Our platform is built on Ruby and Rails and our development practices are based largely on Agile and behavior driven development. While Cucumber and RSpec have been our primary testing tools for driving our server-side development since our beginning nearly three years ago, we have had to evolve our front-end testing solution. We started with no testing and eventually incorporated Selenium feature testing into our Cucumber build. I've led the efforts to applying test-driven javascript coding practices, originally with ScrewUnit + Screwdriver, then BlueRidge and now Jasmine.

A recent contribution to our Weplay fork of jasmine is the ability to specify Sprocket-style "require" lines (i.e., //= "public/javascript/awesome.js") to target src javascript files on a per-spec basis.

-- Ross Kaffenberger

web: http://www.weplay.com | source: http://github.com/weplay *

While our parent project repository is privately hosted, we currently incorporate and contribute to 63 (yikes!) public repositories, including jasmine and jasmine-gem

Wikimedia Foundation Multimedia Usability Project

Improved uploader tool for Wikimedia Commons.

web: http://wikimedia.org/ | source: http://svn.wikimedia.org/svnroot/mediawiki/trunk/extensions/UploadWizard/test/