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Add missing closing bracket for the "configurations" array on the VS Code launch.json file.
Indicate the localization of the file launch.json to clarify any possible doubts.
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VS Code Support - Node Version Switcher

Visual Studio Code can use NVS to select a node version to use when launching or debugging. In launch.json (in the folder .vscode located on the project's root folder), add a "runtimeArgs" attribute with a version string recognizable by NVS, and a "runtimeExecutable" attribute that refers to nvs.cmd (Windows) or nvs (Mac, Linux).

For multi-platform development, configuration can be customized for each platform. You may need to specify an absolute path such as "${env:HOME}/.nvs/nvs" if NVS is not in VS Code's PATH.

Example: Configure launch.json so VS Code uses NVS to launch node version 6.10:

  "configurations": [
      "type": "node",
      "request": "launch",
      "name": "Launch Program",
      "program": "${file}",
      "args": [ ],
      "runtimeArgs": [ "6.10" ],
      "windows": { "runtimeExecutable": "nvs.cmd" },
      "osx": { "runtimeExecutable": "nvs" },
      "linux": { "runtimeExecutable": "nvs" }

The NVS version string value in "runtimeArgs" consists of a complete or partial semantic version number or version label ("lts", "latest", "Argon", etc.), optionally preceded by a remote name, optionally followed by a processor architecture or bitness ("x86", "x64", "32", "64"), separated by slashes. When a partial version matches multiple available versions, the latest version is automatically selected. Examples: "node/lts", "4.6.0", "6/x86", "node/6.7/x64". An NVS alias may also be used in place of a version string.

Or, the version string in "runtimeArgs" may be omitted (equivalent to "auto"), in which case NVS searches for the nearest .node-version file in the project directory or parent directories. If found, the version specified in the file is then downloaded (if necessary) and launched. If no .node-version file is found, then the default (linked) version, if any, is launched.

When NOT using the automatic mode with a .node-version file, the node version specified in launch.json must have been already downloaded using the nvs add command. Otherwise the launch will fail and NVS prints the error message "specified version not found".