A small JavaScript class to programmatically position content with variable widths and heights and minimizing whitespace gaps. Imagine Pinterest on steroids (Pinterest only allows for variable height). By Jason Mayes
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A small JavaScript class to programmatically position difficult content. What do I mean by that? Well lets assume you have many images which are different widths and heights. How do you place them on a page such that there are no "gaps"? This is basically a constrained bin packing problem. Using just CSS this is a no go as you will end up with blocks of whitespace appearing, thus some JavaScript is required. This little component allows for variable width and height content - imagine Pinterest on steroids (Pinterest only allows for variable height).

Live Demo

Please read comments in JavaScript for examples on how to use.

A live demo is available on my website - resize the window to see how it adapts: http://jasonmayes.com/projects/contentPlacer/

Browser Support

Key features

  • Fully responsive (up to the largest element width used).
  • Allows for variable width AND height content. All content must be a multiple of a base unit size.
  • Works with any type of responsive content (not just images).
  • Supports margins between content.
  • Works in all modern browsers.
  • Supports transitions for initial display and for fluid repositioning of content.
  • Requires no 3rd party libraries to work - pure native JavaScript.
  • Lightweight and efficient.
  • Fully customizable - all transitions / style is defined via CSS.

Why does this exist?

After a quick Google it seemed many other existing solutions required some third party library to work (jQuery), or were not as efficient as I wanted. I therefore decided to roll my own from a blank canvas to keep it as lightweight and efficient as possible.

Browser support

All popular browsers supported. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+ and I have tested on Android/iOS which seems to be fine too. Browser Support

Got suggestions? Feedback? Feature requests? Tell me!

Really, I like to hear feedback, and love to see what projects you have used it in. Feel free to give me a shoutout if you have used it. Talk to me: Via Google+, twitter, or my website.


Feel free to use in your own personal projects. I only ask you keep any disclaimers with my code (even if code is modified / minified) so others can find the original source should they wish to get updates or support. A link back / social media shout out is always appreciated to help others discover it (and for me to see what great things it is being used for) but not required :-)

If you plan to use in a commercial project please contact me first if you are unable to adhere to the above terms.