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A quick and dirty Python script for searching lyrics/artists/songs on, parsing the returned JSON, and outputting it in a CSV file.

Requirements and Setup

Written for Python 2.7 (but could be tweaked for Python 3 pretty easily). Requires a client access token from (Maybe in future will generate authentication from client_id and client_secret.) Add access token credential to "credentials.ini" in project root folder

client_access_token = 'fillinyourtokenhere'

Script passes the access token in a request header as specified in Genius documentation: Using An Access Token.


python 'search terms here'

or if using as imported function



  • Only gets 50 pages worth of results (approximately 1000 results). Appears to be a restriction on Genius' end.
  • Currently searches not just lyrics for search term, but also song titles and artist names.
  • No way to differentiate between genres or between lyrics vs. text content (e.g. speeches, interviews, magazine articles, books)?
  • This was just for fun!

##Sample output First ten results for search for albee square (web search)

page id title url path header_image_url annotation_count pyongs_count primaryartist_id primaryartist_name primaryartist_url primaryartist_imageurl
1 10388 Albee Square Mall /Biz-markie-albee-square-mall-lyrics 1 26362 Biz Markie
1 582565 Albee Square Mall /Skyzoo-and-torae-albee-square-mall-lyrics 1 211611 Skyzoo & Torae
1 136493 Definition Of A Rap Flow /Ra-the-rugged-man-definition-of-a-rap-flow-lyrics 1 13 320 R.A. The Rugged Man
1 236 Hello Brooklyn 2.0 /Jay-z-hello-brooklyn-20-lyrics 1 5 2 Jay Z
1 1705 Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers /The-crooklyn-dodgers-return-of-the-crooklyn-dodgers-lyrics 1 3 861 The Crooklyn Dodgers
1 3502 Motherless Child /Ghostface-killah-motherless-child-lyrics 1 2 20 Ghostface Killah
1 9435 Hey Fuck You /Beastie-boys-hey-fuck-you-lyrics 1 329 Beastie Boys
1 104 Angelz /Mf-doom-angelz-lyrics 1 1 70 MF DOOM
1 21391 The Mall /Gang-starr-the-mall-lyrics 1 1 220 Gang Starr