A minimalistic theme for Sublime Text that comes in 2 flavours.
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Spacefunk is a minimalistic theme for Sublime Text, based on kkga's Spacegray theme.


Via Package Control

Search for Theme - Spacefunk in Sublime Package Control.


  1. Download the .zip
  2. Unzip and rename the folder to Theme - Spacefunk
  3. Copy the folder to your Packages directory. Quickly find your directory via Preferences -> Browse Packages....


You can activate the theme and its colour scheme by editing your user preferences. Go to: Preferences -> Settings - User.

Example settings

Blue Monday:

  "theme": "Spacefunk (Blue Monday).sublime-theme",

Grey Tuesday

  "theme": "Spacefunk (Grey Tuesday).sublime-theme",

Additional customization

If you prefer a lighter version of the sidebar you can add the following line to your preferences file. This is available for both versions of Spacefunk.

  "spacefunk_sidebar_light": true

Restart Sublime Text to make sure all changes are applied. Enjoy!

Future Funk - Colour schemes

I've created 2 colour schemes that fit well with the theme. They are maintained separately from Spacefunk.

Find them on: Package Control or Github.


Blue Monday


Grey Tuesday