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Project Stats

You can support the JavaMelody project by making a donation like $10. It will be used to buy hardware or hosting services.

in US-Dollars

in Euros

If you have never used PayPal before, then the site will ask you about your credit card details, your country, address and your home phone number. This information is required by PayPal to do the money transaction and is not required by or visible to the JavaMelody project.


Lalit Sharma $10 USD
Karen Gharibyan $10 USD
Loredana Crusoveanu $10 USD
Yakoob Ahmad $10 USD
Anoop Kulapparayil Baby $5 USD
Scwarz Mihai €5 EUR
Brandon Parncutt $20 USD
Robert Barcikowski $100 USD
Pablo Pisano €2 EUR
Ken Uemura $10 USD
Karen Gharibyan $10 USD
Khodyrev Ivan $10 USD
Michael Eberhart $10 USD
Olivia Rae Foundation $50 USD
Effectiva Solutions, s.r.o. $40 USD
Antoni Baranski $25 USD
Igor Stepanov $10 USD
Artur Wala €10 EUR
Tex Albuja $10 USD
Niklas Konstenius $20 USD
Jochen Schneider Kartographie & Software €20 EUR
Anonymous $5 USD
Anonymous $25 USD
David Wubshet $10 USD
Anders Båtstrand €50 EUR
MSI Corporation (msicorp.ca) $200 USD
Anonymous €5 EUR
Anonymous $1 USD
Anonymous €20 EUR
Hitendra Verma $5 USD
Anonymous $10 USD
Anonymous $2 USD

(If you have made a donation and have forgotten to confirm being listed by name, you can send an email to evernat at free.fr and be proud of your donation)

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