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Most features of JavaMelody are enabled based on automatic detection and some features need configurations documented in the user's guide.

For features needing JavaMelody parameters, here is a summary.

Parameter Description Default value in classic app
url-exclude-pattern Regexp to exclude some urls such as /static/.* doc
http-transform-pattern Regexp to transform descriptions of http requests and to delete dynamic parts (identifiers of objects for example), in order to aggregate the statistics doc
sql-transform-pattern Regexp to transform descriptions of sql requests (not binded identifiers for a "in" clause for example) doc
log Enables log of http requests at the INFO level false doc
storage-directory Absolute or relative path of the storage directory javamelody doc
resolution-seconds Resolution of the charts in seconds 60 doc
warning-threshold-millis Threshold in ms for unusual (orange) times in the statistics global mean + 1 x standard deviation doc
severe-threshold-millis Threshold in ms for severe (red) times in the statistics global mean + 2 x standard deviation doc
displayed-counters List of not hidden statistics http,sql,error,log or dynamic based on detection doc
monitoring-path URL path to open the monitoring report /monitoring doc
maven-repositories List of Maven repositories to search java sources, for example,... ~/.m2/repository, doc
system-actions-enabled Enables or disables the system actions: GC, heap dump, http sessions, database ... true doc
gzip-compression-disabled Disables the compression of the reports false doc
disabled Disables the monitoring false doc
datasources List of JNDI names of jdbc datasources automatic for JNDI names starting with jdbc/ doc
quartz-default-listener-disabled For Spring scheduling false doc
admin-mails List of mails to send periodic reports doc
mail-session JNDI name of the mail session doc
mail-periods List of periods to send periods reports week doc
allowed-addr-pattern Regexp of ip addresses allowed to access the reports doc
authorized-users List of username:password allowed to access the reports doc
rum-enabled Enables Real User Monitoring to monitor times from the end user perspective in the browser. false doc
-Djava.awt.headless=true System property needed when having a "window server" error (on Mac OS X) doc

Advanced JavaMelody parameters

Parameter Description Default value
jsp-transform-pattern Regexp to transform descriptions of jsp pages doc
ejb-transform-pattern Idem for ejb3 methods doc
spring-transform-pattern Idem for spring methods doc
guice-transform-pattern Idem for guice methods doc
services-transform-pattern Idem for java services methods doc
error-transform-pattern Idem http system error doc
log-transform-pattern Idem for system error logs doc
job-transform-pattern Idem for jobs doc
jsf-transform-pattern Idem for jsf actions doc
struts-transform-pattern Idem for struts actions doc
sampling-seconds Enables the hotspots sampling doc
sampling-excluded-packages Packages to exclude from sampling see doc doc
sampling-included-packages White list of package to include in sampling doc
custom-reports Add links to custom reports in the floating menu doc
jmx-expose-enabled Exposes javamelody mbeans with aggregated data statistics data false doc
graphite-address Since 1.68, publish metrics to Graphite doc
cloudwatch-namespace Since 1.68, publish metrics to AWS CloudWatch doc
influxdb-url Since 1.69, publish metrics to InfluxDB doc
datadog-api-key Since 1.69, publish metrics to Datadog doc
statsd-address Since 1.70, publish metrics to StatsD doc
plugin-authentication-disabled In Jenkins, Liferay, JIRA, Confluence or Bamboo plugins, disables native authentication to allow http access from the collect server false doc
transport-format In the collect server, xml value to have xml transport between app and collect server using xstream instead of java serialization serialized doc

Undocumented JavaMelody parameters

Parameter Description Default value
no-database Disables the jdbc and sql monitoring and the database reports false
obsolete-graphs-days Retention of obsolete graph files (rrd) in days 90
obsolete-stats-days Retention of stats files (ser.gz) in days 365
csrf-protection-enabled Enables protection against CSRF on actions such as run GC, invalidate sessions, kill thread by id ... (Not enabled by default since an attacker would need to know about javamelody in an application and about its URLs and would need to force an administrator to access the monitoring and even in this case, the attacker certainly can't make the application unvailable and can't steal data or anything.) false
update-check-disabled Disables the updated javamelody version check false
rewrap-datasources In Tomcat or Jetty, use rewrap strategy instead of rebind of datasources in JNDI for jdbc monitoring false
locale Fix the locale of the reports for example to en_US, whatever the language in the browser browser's language
dns-lookups-disabled Disables dns lookups using InetAddress.getLocalHost() to prevent long hangs on startup/shutdown in some particular environments false
connections-stack-traces-disabled Disables collecting the stack-traces of jdbc connections openings, when having very high sql hits frequency false
javamelody-swing-url url of the javamelody desktop jar file this url
logger-class Full name of a class implementing net.bull.javamelody.JavaMelodyLogger and to be used by javamelody logs automatic based on loggers available
application-name Explicit name of the application automatic based on context path and hostname
application-version Explicit version of the application automatic based on Maven pom if exists
mail-subject-prefix Subject prefix of reports by mail Monitoring JavaMelody on {0} in English
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