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New Danfojs-Node Release

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@risenW risenW released this 14 Feb 15:48
  • This release fixes some runtime issue regarding @babel/runtime
  • Release comes with exported version of tensorflowjs-node (2.8.5). This fixes the double dependency issue when building ML models, as you no longer need to install/import tensorflowjs separately.

To use tensoflowjs-node, you can reference it from danfo as shown below:

const dfd = require("danfojs-node")
const tf = //contains a reference to the tensorflowjs-node library

 const model = tf.sequential();
 model.add(tf.layers.dense({ inputShape: [7], units: 124, activation: 'relu', kernelInitializer: 'leCunNormal' }));
 model.add(tf.layers.dense({ units: 64, activation: 'relu' }));