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BigML java binding
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Development of Java bindings in in this repository has been discontinued. Since October 2014, the Java bindings for BigML, hosted at bigmlcom/bigml-java, are an official BigML project, and the BigML team provides direct support for it. We'll do our best to keep them up to date.

We also want to help in the development of bindings for our API in any language. To that end, we've createad the bigmlcom/io repository, where you'll find news and information on any change in our API, as well as details on the exposed algorithms, tips and tricks. If you're developing bindings for our API make sure to visit that site and use its issue tracker to report any problem you encounter, and for any other question or suggestion you have!

In this repository you'll find an open source Java client that gives you a simple binding to interact with BigML. You can use it to easily create, retrieve, list, update, and delete BigML resources (i.e., sources, datasets, models, ensembles, clusters, predictions, centroids, batch predictions, batch centroids, evaluations).

This client is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


Please, report problems and bugs to issue tracker

Discussions about the different bindings take place in the general BigML mailing list. Or join us in Campfire chatroom


You will find in the file where to setup your BigML credentials BIGML_USERNAME and BIGML_API_KEY. They can be overwritten passing the values as JVM variables with -D.

The project uses Maven as project manager.

Running the Tests

There is a test suite using Cucumber available, you may want to run it by execute:

$ mvn test

Generated JAR file of the bindings

Since version 1.1 the name of the JAR file is bigml-binding.

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