Selection evaluation in Sublime Text
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Sublime Evaluate Gittip

A powerful plugin which returns the value of selected regions.

Evaluation Environment

Sublime Evaluate is able to evaluate the math and datetime import as part of its enviroment. This opens up access to a whole range of Python functions such as:

math.atan2(80, 40)

math.pi * 60,4,2) # Returns a formatted date

We can also perform morecomplex expressions such as:

(math.pi * 2) / math.pi * 0.5

Evaluate Shell Script

Sublime Evaluate also supports evaluating code as shell script, Just add a ! at the beginning:

! echo hello         # > hello

! ! true; echo $?    # > 1

# Even multilines
! for i in `seq 10`; do
  echo I got a $i

Current Working Dir

Current working dir is the Sublime install dir. You can get it with a !pwd.


Stderr is captured as well as stdout.


Currently a 5s timeout is set. You code will be terminated when it runs more than 5s.

OS/Sublime Support

Though the it is supposed to work on all OSs / Sublime 2/3, this feature is tested on macOS + Sublime 3.

Please kindly report to us if you find an issue. We'd be happy to fix it.