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A handbook of statistical machine learning algorithms where each algorithm is described consistently to be accessible, usable, and understandable.
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Clever Algorithms: Statistical Machine Learning Recipes


Clever Algorithms: Statistical Machine Learning Recipes is an open source book that has the goal to describe a large number of algorithmic techniques from the the field of statistical machine learning in a complete, consistent, and centralized manner such that they are accessible, usable, and understandable. This is a repository for the book project used during the development and ongoing maintenance of the books’ content.

The book will be released for free on the website and will be available for purchase as a paperback and ebook.

Book Details

Title Clever Algorithms: Statistical Machine Learning Recipes
Author Jason Brownlee
Release mid 2013


Implementing an Machine Learning algorithms is difficult. Algorithm descriptions may be incomplete, inconsistent, and distributed across a number of papers, chapters and even websites. This can result in varied interpretations of algorithms, undue attrition of algorithms, and ultimately bad science. This book is an effort to address these issues by providing a handbook of algorithmic recipes drawn from the field of Machine Learning, described in a complete, consistent, and centralized manner. These standardized descriptions were carefully designed to be accessible, usable, and understandable. An encyclopedic algorithm reference, this book is intended for research scientists, engineers, students, and interested amateurs. Each algorithm description provides a working code example in R.


How to Build

  1. Assumes a Linux or Mac workstation with make, Latex such as TeXLive or MacTex installed and maybe JabRef
  2. git clone
  3. cd CleverAlgorithmsMachineLearning
  4. make r (creates the file book/book.pdf)
  5. make vl (to view the PDF on linux) or make vm (to view the PDF on mac)


If you find a typo or a mistake, please email me at or clone this project and make, make a change and submit a pull request. I will happily give you credit in the acknowledgments.


The best support you can give to this project is to buy a copy of the paperback and spread the word by writing a review, blog post or tweet.

You might be interested in the previous book that covered Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence, Neural Networks and related algorithms. See Clever Algorithms: Nature Inspired Programming Recipes


© Copyright 2013 Jason Brownlee. Some Rights Reserved.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.

Creative Commons License

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