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Single-class-per-file C# to TypeScript generator
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Single-class-per-file C# to TypeScript generator

Build status

Project's website:

Complete documentation:

How to get

Quick start

Add TypeGen NuGet package to your project.

Mark your C# classes/enums as exportable to TypeScript:

// with attributes

public class ProductDto
    public decimal Price { get; set; }
    public string[] Tags { get; set; }

// or with a generation spec

public class MyGenerationSpec : GenerationSpec
    public MyGenerationSpec()

After building your project, type TypeGen generate into the Package Manager Console (you might need to restart Visual Studio), or dotnet typegen generate in the system console if you're using TypeGen .NET CLI tool. Note: if you're using generation specs, you should also add your spec(s) in tgconfig.json under the generationSpecs parameter (more details in the docs).

This will generate a single TypeScript file (named product-dto.ts) in your project directory. The file will look like this:

export class ProductDto {
    price: number;
    tags: string[];


Some of TypeGen's features include:

  • generating TypeScript classes, interfaces and enums - single class per file
  • support for collection (or nested collection) types
  • generic classes/types generation
  • support for inheritance
  • customizable convertion between C#/TypeScript names (naming conventions)

For complete list of features with examples, please refer to the project's documentation:

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