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Zipkin instrumentation for Guzzle

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Zipkin instrumentation for Guzzle HTTP Client.


composer require jcchavezs/zipkin-instrumentation-guzzle


ZipkinGuzzle\Middleware is an Guzzle middleware that can be used along with GuzzleHttp\Client to create a span and propagate the context.

Default handler

You can use the default handler to easy the instrumentation:

use Zipkin\TracingBuilder;
use ZipkinGuzzle\Middleware;

$tracing = TracingBuilder::create()->build();

// Default tags for all spans being created. They are not mandatory.
$tags = [
   'instance' => $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']

$client = new Client([
    'handler' => Middleware\handlerStack($tracing, $tags),

Customizing handler

If you need to customize the tracing handler (e.g. wrapping it with another handler) you can create a GuzzleHttp\HandlerStack and push/unshift handlers into it making sure the tracing middleware stays at the top of the stack:

use GuzzleHttp\HandlerStack;
use Zipkin\TracingBuilder;
use ZipkinGuzzle\Middleware;

$tracing = TracingBuilder::create()->build();

$stack = HandlerStack::create();

$client = new Client([
    'handler' => $stack,

Guzzle 7

Guzzle 7 is compatible with PSR18 clients, hence you can use the native Zipkin instrumentation. Check for more details.