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Soos is a framework for working with docker images in a development environment. It serves as an example for how to build your own, rather than a drop-in system. The example is a python-django project. The idea is to provide some project-workflow scripting that abstracts away the myriad flags, args, and concepts of docker itself. Convention is preferred over configuration, but you can customize the scripts to your own needs. Internally at Djed, many of these scripts take a handful of optional arguments.


  • VirtualBox
  • Vagrant
  • Docker

How It Works

bin/soos up

Launch a new vagrant box, set up docker, and set docker to listen on tcp:// so our scripts can talk to it.

bin/soos build

Completely rebuild the docker images at the base of our app from scratch, using Dockerfile.

bin/soos shell

Start a shell using the base container.