Having fun keeping track of CouchDB test suite reports.
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The Coupe de Ville of Social Test Suite Browsers

This is pretty sweet - we can all start sharing test results and browsing over them and writing new reports and stuff. I think it will be fun.


Apache 2.0


CouchDB now stores test suite reports from Futon in a local database. The Futon test suite stores runtime, success and failure information, along with a timestamp and some browser / platform information, into the local database test_suite_reports.

The test reports are completely private and remain on the localhost for convenient browsing by developers. However, replication makes it easy to share reports.

I'm also working on a CouchApp to make browsing and replicating reports easy. I've only got it to rudimentary functionality, but I'm a firm believer in releasing things before I go to sleep for the night. Hopefully those in other timezones can enjoy it before I wake up. The source code for Relaxville is here:


to install just git clone it and then run

couchapp push . test_suite_reports

then you can browse tests on your local machine (couchapp should spit out an index URL for you).


The best thing you can do is replicate your test_suite_reports db to the new database that's been set up at: `http://couchdb.couchdb.org/test_suite_reports``

It should be available for writes (please don't abuse) -- also if anyone else wants a db on this server for community purposes, just holler. Eventually we should have a wiki and other CouchApps here.


You can also just see Relaxville running on the CouchDB server here:


It will be updated as new people replicate their test_suite_reports to it.


I'd like to add a Toast chat room to different entities in the UI.

It could use some more views. Those should be easy to add.

It also might be nice to start using Sammy.js, if anyone feels like a more ambitious patch.

Feedback and patches welcome!