A simple bash script to block access to time-wasting sites.
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gsd.sh: Get S#!t Done

gsd.sh is a simple bash script to improved productivity by blocking sites through modifying /etc/hosts, creating an entry pointing to for each site in a list.


Copy gsd.sh to somewhere in your PATH. For convenience, you may wish to create an alias like this:

alias gsd="sudo -E gsd.sh"

Changes in /etc/hosts take effect immediately on Linux machines, so all GUI browser instances are killed upon execution of gsd.


Simply run the script to set your hosts file to "work mode."

sudo -E gsd.sh

To go back to "play mode" run:

sudo -E gsd.sh --play


Just set the environment variable GSD_SITES to a list of additional sites you wish to block, like (in your .profile for example):

export GSD_SITES="store.apple.com github.com example.com"