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Mini Rich-Text-Editor TV input type. The Extra lets you easily format text in a text input field to create HTML formatted output. All Buttons can be configured by a JSON.


Create an tv with the type minirte and configure your Buttons in the Configurations-Field via JSON. The extra works inside a MIGX. The Input-Option "Enable Linebreaks" turns the TV from a regular textfield into a textarea. The inputarea will automatically grow with the input.

Button Configuration

Default Buttons:


For every button you can define:

key description
command You can find a list of possible Commands here: Commands-List
icon classname of a font-awesome icon. Example: bold
value Optional value for commands that require input values - like a font-size or a color. Example: FFFFFF
style Optional CSS styles to restyle the button. You may want to give a button the color of the font-color. Example: FCFCFC


  • singleline text input with edfault buttons
  • multiline textarea with default buttons
  • singleline text input with only one button for highlighting

miniRTE tv example

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