A script to batch rename PDF files based on metadata/XMP title and author
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A batch-renaming script for PDF files based on the Title and Author information in the metadata and XMP. The XMP metadata, if available, supersedes the standard PDF metadata. The output format is currently:

[FirstAuthorLastName [LastAuthorLastName ]- ][SanitizedTitleText].pdf

Only the article title is used if no author information is found. First and last author surnames are used if the creator field in the XMP is a list of more than one author.

To use the script, simply pass in a list or glob of PDF filenames. If you want to see what it would do without changing anything, do a dry run with -n. There is also an interactive mode with -i that will let you open the files and manually enter titles and author strings if you have problematic PDFs without proper metadata.

usage: pdf-title-rename [-h] [-n] [-i] [-d DESTINATION] files [files ...]

PDF batch rename

positional arguments:
  files                 list of pdf files to rename

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n                    dry-run listing of filename changes
  -i                    interactive mode
                        destination folder for renamed files

This script is intended as a first pass in an academic PDF workflow to get browsable filenames for a pile of articles that have been downloaded but not yet filed away.


The PDF parsing uses PDFMiner. The XMP parsing uses this xmp module. Important: For XMP parsing to work, you will need to copy the code from that link to an xmp.py file and put it on your PYTHONPATH. (Note, I've now included xmp.py in the repo in case that link goes away; you still have to put it on your path.)