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To install TypeTuner, download the files in this repo and place them a folder called /typetuner/ in your Sass folder. Add @import 'typetuner/typetuner'; to your primary Sass file before you need to reference any font-sizes generated by this plugin.


Setting Variables

To configure TypeTuner for your project, declare the following variables and maps in your Sass project before importing TypeTuner.

Type Sizes

The list $fsizes contains a list of names for all the type sizes you'll need for your project. This can be whatever titles you like, just be sure to list them from smallest to largest.


$fsizes: (small, medium, large, extra-large); $fsizes: (alpha, beta, gamma); $fsizes: (guppy, bluegill, bass, marlin, shark); $fsizes: (small, p, h6, h5, h4, h3, h2, h1);


$fsizes: (sm, p, bq, ssh, sh, h, hero);

Add "Small" Size

If you want to add a small type size (one step down from base on the scale in use), set:

$startsmall: true;

This is the default value.


This plugin currently uses three maps to store breakpoint-related data. Please don't get too attached to this: it might change to a single map of nested maps for simplicity's sake. Until further notice, however, please set the following maps

Media Queries

The $breakpoints map contains breakpoint names (entirely up to you) and the measurement to set a min-width media query.


$breakpoints: (
	default: 20em,
	medium: 37.5em,
	large: 68em,
	xlarge: 82em
Base Font Sizes

If you'd like to set a different base font size per breakpoint, use the $bp-fs map to connect breakpoint names (the same ones used in $breakpoints) with font sizes.


$bp-fs: (
	default: 16px,
	medium: 18px,
	large: 21px,
	xlarge: 23px
Type Scales

Set a musical scale for type to follow at each breakpoint in $bp-scales. This map connects breakpoint names (again, from $breakpoints) to the names of musical scales found in /variables/_musical-scales.scss. As a general rule, select scales with more intervals for smaller screens: scales with fewer intervals will iterate and grow more quickly, creating larger sizes that take advantage of larger screens.


$bp-scales: (
  default: $hexatonic,
  medium: $pentatonic,
  large: $quad,
  xlarge: $major-triad

Extending Output

When TypeTuner runs its resp-sizes() mixin (which it does by default in _typetuner.scss, it will generate a series of silent placeholder selectors (%sm {}, %p {}, etc). To use these sizes in your project, @extend them in the appropriate selectors. Remember that font sizes inherit, so be careful not to over-@extend yourself. :)


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