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This code used to drive the website. We migrated to on 2016-05-07.

Everything below is left for historical interest.

Thanks to everyone who's worked on the site!

It uses webby as a framework:


Get the source

$ git clone

Install with docker

If you have docker you can be up and running very quickly. A docker image has been pushed to docker hub with all the dependencies packaged in the image.

Run the site

make docker_run_site

Build the site

make docker_build_site

Create a new docker image

make docker_build_image

Install native dependencies

On RedHat/CentOS/Fedora:

$ yum install oniguruma oniguruma-devel $ yum install libxslt libxml2 libxslt-devel libxlm2-devel

On Debian/Ubuntu:

$ apt-get install libonig-dev

On Macosx

$ brew install oniguruma

On Windows

See README-Windows for using webby on Windows operating systems

If you use RVM

  • there is a .ruby-version file that selects "ruby-1.8.7"
  • and a .ruby-gemset file creates a new gemset "devopsdays-webby"

If you use rbenv + OSX 10.8+

  • Install Xcode 4.4+
  • Install developer tools (Xcode preferences > Additional downloads)
  • Install gcc-42 with hombrew/dupes
  • Install XQuartz

Install Ruby

 $ brew install
 $ brew install rbenv
 $ brew install ruby-build
 $ CONFIGURE_OPTS=--without-tk rbenv install 1.8.7-p370

Get the source

$ git clone

Enter the directory

$ cd devopsdays-webby

Install bundler

$ gem install bundler

Do a bundler install; this will install the necessary gems (see Gemfile)

$ bundle install

If you don't have RVM installed

$ source devopsdays-webby.ENV
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

Using it

All interactions are done with the webby command, for this you need to be inside the 'site' directory

Continuously build the website

 $ cd site
 $ webby autobuild

Build the website

 $ cd site
 $ webby build

rebuild the website

 $ cd site
 $ webby rebuild

For more information on how to use webby