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This distribution contains code for the S-Lang netcdf module.  See the
documentation in the doc/ directory for information about using the
module once it has been installed.

To build the module, you will need to have following additional
libraries installed:

   1.  Version 2 of slang library <>.
       The module will not work with version 1.

   2.  A recent version of the netcdf library. Debian users can install the
       netcdf library using

          apt-get install libnetcdf-dev

You must run the configure script before you can compile the module.
If the slang library is installed in a non-standard location, then you
will need to specify the location of the library as arguments to the
configure script.  For example, suppose is located in
/home/bill/lib and its include file slang.h is located in
/home/bill/include. Then one would run the configure script using:

  ./configure --with-slanglib=/home/bill/lib \

or, the shorter form which assumes a common pathname prefix for the
lib and include directories:

  ./configure --with-slang=/home/bill

Similarly, if is not installed in a standard location, then
you will need to use the --with-netcdfinc and --with-netcdflib, or
--with-netcdf options.  For example, if if is in
/opt/soft/lib and netcdf/netcdf.h is in /opt/soft/include, then use


as an argument to the configure script.  (Note: On some systems, the
netcdf.h may be installed in a netcdf subdirectory, i.e.,

You should also specify a location for the modules (*.so) and any associated
script (*.sl) files created by this package.  The default location for
the modules is in


Any .sl files will be installed in


where the values of the variable $prefix defaults to /usr/local, and
that of $exec_prefix to the value of $prefix.  These values may be
changed using the --prefix and --exec-prefix configure script
parameters.  For example, to set the value of $prefix to /home/bill,

   ./configure --prefix=/home/bill ...

For more help using the configure script, run it using

   ./configure --help

It is also a good idea to read the INSTALL.txt file located in this

Once the configure script has been run, you should inspect
the Makefile that it generated in the src directory.  Then building
and installing the library should involve nothing more than:

   make install

You may have to have root privileges to peform the last step.


netCDF module for the S-Lang interpreter







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