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rpglogger.com is a web appliction for logging your progress though any RPG, and building strategy guides. It is intended to replace hand-written notes, as well as serve as a way to log your discovery in open ended sandbox-style RPGs, such as those in the Elder Scrolls series. The inspiration for the project is summarized in this article on Hacker News.

rpglogger is, and always will be, free to use for everyone.


  • I take pull requests. If you have a question about a task you want to implement just send me an email. jefflunt@gmail.com
  • If the issue you want to work on is anything but a purely visual change, please include relevant tests in your pull request.


rpglogger provides a virtual log book for any game.

  • Log books are divided into "sections" by type (all similar objects go together). Example section names for RPGs might be "Characters", "Armor", "Quests", or "Weapons".
  • Sections have a configurable list of "attributes" that you can add to or edit. For example, a "Weapons" section might have attributes such as "type", "damage", and "name", among others.
  • You can have as many attributes in a section as you like. The supported attribute types are:
    • Integer (whole numbers: great for character and item stats)
    • Boolean (true/false or checkbox-style attributes)
    • String (short text, 255 characters or less)
    • Text (much longer text, like character journal entries, back stories, and the like)

I personally use rpglogger for Skyrim (you might have guessed that from its visual styling), recording items and events that I encounter as I play, such as:

  • Locations
  • NPCs
  • Rare items and books
  • Alchemy notes and recipes
  • Character journals (recording important events in the game, that sort of thing)

...along with the statistics surrounding these things.