🚢 Docker images and builders for Jekyll.
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In the next few weeks (or when Native Docker is released for everyone but Linux -- whichever is later) we will be dropping all instructions for Docker Machine and Docker Toolbox in favor of promoting Native Docker on Linux, OS X and Windows. See: https://beta.docker.com/ for more information on Native Docker.

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Jekyll Docker Images

Jekyll Docker is a full featured Alpine based Docker image that provides an isolated Jekyll instance with the latest version of Jekyll and a bunch of nice stuff to make your life easier when working with Jekyll in both production and development. For documentation please visit our wiki at https://github.com/jekyll/docker/wiki where you will find docs and sometimes examples.

Building Our Images

You can build our images or any specific tag of an image with bundle exec docker-template build or bundle exec docker-template build repo:tag, yes it's that simple to build our images even if it looks complicated it's not.


  • Fork the current repo; bundle install
  • opts.yml and repos/*/opts.yml hold the versions, and gems.
  • If you are updating to the latest version of Jekyll use the variables.
  • Build all the tags with bundle exec docker-template build
  • Ensure that your intended changes work as they're supposed to.
  • Ship a pull request if you wish to have it reviewed!