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concurrent, cache-efficient, and Dockerfile-agnostic builder toolkit
Go Updated May 22, 2019
Arduino command line interface
Go Updated May 20, 2019
Official Now Builders created by the ZEIT team
JavaScript Updated May 23, 2019
A cross platform build and deployment automation system for building projects and executing deployment scripts using …

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C# Updated May 22, 2019
Quartz 的Cron任务调度表达式一般人很难理解,在Googole上查询也没有发现类似的代码,所以开发了一个对Quartz Cron 表达式的可视化双向解析和生成的一个java的GUI程序,供使用Quartz的程序员参考和使用.
Java Updated Aug 7, 2015
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