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I translated README.markdown and CONTRIBUTING.markdown into Japanese.
But I didn't know the following...

  1. How to create a NEW document.
    • The rule of the filename.
      • I was named " *.ja.markdown ".
    • Where placed NEW document.
      • Same as " *.markdown " at the project root.
  2. The rule for translating text.
    • I replaced text from English to Japanese after I translated original text.

I've read CONTRIBUTING.markdown and "Updating Documentation" of .
I will follow the rules.

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What do you think about putting these in a folder called docs?

@kansaichris, would you be willing to read these over and advise as to organization of translated core documentation? Would be most appreciative. ❤️

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I think putting these into a docs folder would be fantastic.

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Thank you for merge.

Next, I'm going to translate the docs of site/docs/*.md.

Where should put translating docs ?
docs/jp or site/docs/jp ?

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For the site, it may be more productive for you to do what @matheus has done with

@mattr- and I can't read or write Japanese, so we'd prefer not to have to maintain it. 😃


I personally think that translated versions of README and CONTRIBUTING should be placed in the root directory where they are easy to find—ruby/ruby already follows a similar convention for its README.

If you would prefer not to maintain translated versions of the entire Jekyll website (site/docs/*.md), a fork for each language sounds like a reasonable solution to me. To make it clear which forks are "official", though, might I recommend that they be owned by the Jekyll organization?

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@kansaichris so they'd be and in the project root, right?


@mattr- Yeah, that sounds about right. Of course, because the original (English) files use the .markdown extension, I would vote for and You could replace jp with ja if you'd like—I'm not entirely certain which is the most appropriate (though I probably should be).

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@kansaichris ❤️ Thanks!


Just testing the waters, but what do people think about adding information for translators in the README? I could submit a pull request with some preliminary wording if you'd like.

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@kansaichris I think that's a fantastic idea. My biggest worry is maintainability, however – I can speak German well enough to look over a PR and I could fumble through a pull request for a Welsh translation, but Japanese is well beyond my current linguistic abilities. What are your thoughts on this? Should we separate out doc translations so the onus is not on @mattr- and I to maintain docs in a language neither of us can speak, or do we keep them around here with the disclaimer that they aren't actively maintained by either of us?


@parkr That's a good question. To be clear, I only think that translations of the documents in the root directory (like README and CONTRIBUTING) would ever belong in this repository. Translations of the Jekyll site itself probably belong in forks, possibly owned by the Jekyll organization. This would really reduce the number of pull requests with non-English content that you'd have to deal with.

My only concern is that a poor translation could hurt the Jekyll name/"brand" without you or any of the other active maintainers being aware of it. I agree that a disclaimer would be really important to dispel any potential confusion about which information is canonical and which is not.


Thanks a lot.
First, I would like to translate documents on my repository.
(I would like to discuss with my friends (can read Japanese) whether or not my documents is good translation. In the range that it does not affect the Jekyll organization. )

Last, If I have finished translating overall documents, then try to mimic the repository method of @matheus.

Is it OK ?

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I think that's a great solution for this.

I agree with @kansaichris. As translations mature a bit, I want to start pulling those translated sites into the Jekyll organization, similar to how Boxen does it with the various add-on repos forked from other people.

Thanks for translating! ❤️


First, I would like to translate documents on my repository.

@gosyujin For the record, that repository is, correct?


@kansaichris That's right.
However, that repository is works in progress...

  • I don't have a custom domain still.
  • Original documents has been pushed in docs/ .
  • etc.

I had been consider how managed.
Therefore, it may be a completely different repository.

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I don’t want to ruin the party, but translations are a huge waste of time. Foreign coders don’t trust them, because translations are always bad maintained. Please read The Ugly American Programmer by Jeff Atwood for better understanding.


Good Post! But even Jeff Atwood translated the Stackoverflow to Portuguese
There is life and people besides English!


Thank you for important advice.
I added notes to the following in index.html.

  • It describes 'revision of the translation target'.
  • It doesn't absolutely submit issue and PR on translation to jekyll/jekyll.

I began to translate!


For those of you who don't read Japanese, this appears to be the note in question:

このページは本家プロジェクト 5daf987 時点のドキュメントを翻訳しています。最新内容を知りたい場合は を参照してください。翻訳に関する issue や pull request は本家ではなく へお願いします。

Here it is in English:

This page is a translation of its parent project at 5daf987. Refer to for the most up-to-date information. Please submit any translation-related issues or pull requests to rather than the parent project.

✌️ 😄

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Thank you @kansaichris and @gosyujin! ❤️


@kansaichris That' right!
Thank you for explanation!

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