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The core Jemini game library that can be bundled into a gem
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Jemini 2010.2.17

== Project Discontinued

Please note that the Jemini project is not actively being maintained. To find other Ruby-based game libraries, we recommend visiting the game libraries section of Ruby Toolbox at .

== Description

Jemini is a game library designed to allow creation of reusable features. How many times has someone implemented the aiming on a first person shooter, or a minimap on a real time strategy? Jemini comes packaged with lots of behaviors out of the box, with the ability to easily author more. Jemini uses Phys2D and Slick for physics and graphics, with 3D on the roadmap.

== Installation

At a command line, type:

  sudo gem install jemini
(Leave off the "sudo" if on Windows.)

== License

Jemini is released under the BSD license.  See the COPYING file for the full license.
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