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Go programming language plugin for Jenkins

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Automatically installs and sets up the Go programming language (golang) tools on a Jenkins agent during a build.


During a build, this plugin can:

  • Install a particular version of Go on the agent that the build is running on
    • The correct package for the machine's operating system and CPU architecture will be automatically downloaded and installed, if not already present
  • Export the GOROOT environment variable, pointing to the installed Go tools
  • Add the path $GOROOT/bin to the PATH, so that the tools are available during the build


Global configuration

  1. In the Jenkins global tool configuration settings (Manage Jenkins → Global Tool Configuration), find the "Go" section, click "Go Installations…" and "Add Go".
  2. Enter a name, e.g. "Go 1.15" — the name itself has no significance, but will be displayed to users during Freestyle job configuration, or is what you need to enter as the name in a Pipeline
  3. Either select "Install automatically" and select the desired Go version from the drop-down list or specify the installation directory manually

Per-job configuration


  1. In a job's configuration, find the "Build environment" section
  2. Select the "Set up Go programming language tools" checkbox
  3. Select the name of a Go installation from the drop-down


As with any other type of Tool Installer, you can use the tool step, in this case with the go tool type.

For example, with a Scripted Pipeline:

// Run on an agent where we want to use Go
node {
    // Ensure the desired Go version is installed
    def root = tool type: 'go', name: 'Go 1.15'

    // Export environment variables pointing to the directory where Go was installed
    withEnv(["GOROOT=${root}", "PATH+GO=${root}/bin"]) {
        sh 'go version'