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Talks given at


Browse on Speakerdeck

PDFs here in this repo


Video of the 15 min talk at useR! 2016 @ Stanford:

People, credits, links, inspiration, etc.

Me, in other places

csv, conf, v1

Felienne Hermans

Rich FitzJohn

Gordon Shotwell tweets about dystopian moonscapes:

"50 million accountants use monads in Excel. They just don't go around explaining monads to everyone..."

Felienne Hermans shows an example of monads in Excel @14:45 in this talk:

My middle finger gif re: Excel having had reactivity for years

Not So Standard Deviations (NSSD) Podcast by Hilary Parker and Roger Peng
Episode 9 - Spreadsheet Drama

Philip Guo blog posts about command bullshittery

Sources for approximate facts re: Excel, R, Python usage

Tools used in /r/DataIsBeautiful posts

Donald Rumsfeld: "As you know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time."

Chris Albon riffing on that w/r/t to a crazy web form: "You go to production with the features you know, not the features you need."

Me "The more spreadsheets I look at, the more I realize ppl use them like I use a git repo. It's how they manage data + "code" + figs & results."

Thread of CRAZY spreadsheet stories, in response to my tweet:

The Kinsey report:

Enron corpus:

Excel color-formatted table with exploding pie chart:

Dog shaming

xkcd comic:

Advice re: organizing data in spreadsheets

Examples of new spreadsheet implementations

Some of the other csvconf talks from Stencila contributors

Tweet: If your collaborator asks, “In what form would you like the data?” you should respond, “In its current form.”

Some of the other csvconf talks re: dealing with data in suboptimal form

TableToLongForm R package

R packages that talk to Excel (there are even more!):

Mango blog post about R packages to read/write Excel:

googlesheets package

rsheets organization holds several packages, mostly WIPs

David Robinson RPub tidying one of the Enron sheets

UBC Master of Data Science program


Talks given in May and June 2016.



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