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A Content Commerce technology demo that shows how to create a TYPO3 Neos based website with eCommerce functionalities using the SPHERE.IO hosted E-Commerce-API.

You can give it a try at our Live Demo.

Getting Started (Mac OSX)

First go to the SPHERE.IO Merchant Center and create a test project (agree to insert test data). Make sure to put down your API credentials somewhere because you will need them when connecting SPHERE.IO to TYPO3 Neos.

Local technical prerequisites:

  • Virtualbox installed download or brew install brew-cask and brew tap caskroom/cask and brew cask install virtualbox
  • Vagrant installed download or brew cask install vagrant vagrant-manager
  • an SSH shell (Mac OS built-in or the phpStorm integrated one)

(If you would like to use the brew method, install Homebrew first - it's a package manager for Mac OSX.)

Steps to start the demo system:

  1. Install the vagrant plugin hostsupdater for automatically managing the hosts file with vagrant vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater
  2. Clone this repository into an empty directory git clone
  3. Switch to the project folder cd sphere-neos-demo
  4. Download composer if not installed on system curl -sS | php
  5. Install required packages with composer php composer.phar install -o --ignore-platform-reqs or with composer installed just composer install -o --ignore-platform-reqs
  6. Add SPHERE.IO credentials to Configuration\Settings.yaml
  7. start the vagrant box vagrant up --provider=virtualbox
  8. login to the vagrant box using vagrant ssh and run the setup script /var/www/sphere-neos-demo/

The Frontend is located at

The Backend is located at

For development enable synchronization between your working directory and the VM using vagrant rsync-auto


  • move sphere-php-sdk dependency to Neos.Sphere package composer.json