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A partial data set of gm-notepad compliant tables from Stars without Number: Revised Free Edition
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A set of tables extracted from the Stars without Number: Revised Edition. These tables are formatted for use with gm-notepad.

The included tables are also found in Stars without Number: Revised Edition (Free Version).

To use these tables with gm-notepad, you'll need to clone this repository and run gm-notepad with the following parameters:

gm-notepad \
  --path=<path-to-this-cloned-repository> \
  --delimiter="\t" \

There are a lot of sub-tables in the data directory. The following tables are "containers" for either resolving a One Roll entry or for generating a tag.

In gm-notepad type the following to see the a random result:


Diving Into a Table

Let's take a look at the npc table

# One Roll Table for npc
#	Age {npc.age}
#	Most Obvious Character Trait {npc.most-obvious-character-trait}
#	Their Background {npc.their-background}
#	Their Biggest Problem {npc.their-biggest-problem}
#	Their Greatest Desire {npc.their-greatest-desire}
#	Their Role in Society {npc.their-role-in-society}
# Includes subtables:
1	Age:\t{npc.age}\nMost Obvious Character Trait:\t{npc.most-obvious-character-trait}\nTheir Background:\t{npc.their-background}\nTheir Biggest Problem:\t{npc.their-biggest-problem}\nTheir Greatest Desire:\t{npc.their-greatest-desire}\nTheir Role in Society:\t{npc.their-role-in-society}

This table has one entry, the line starting with 1. I'm going to expand the control characters (e.g. \n and \t); The gm-notepad does the same expansion when it processes a table.

Age:	{npc.age}
Most Obvious Character Trait:	{npc.most-obvious-character-trait}
Their Background:	{npc.their-background}
Their Biggest Problem:	{npc.their-biggest-problem}
Their Greatest Desire:	{npc.their-greatest-desire}
Their Role in Society:	{npc.their-role-in-society}

The gm-notepad further expands each {npc.<sub-table>} declaration by rolling on the corresponding table.

Let's dig a bit deeper into the {npc.their-background} table.

# One Role Entry for: npc (Their Background)
INDEX	Their Background
1	The local underclass or poorest natives
2	Common laborers or cube workers
3	Aspiring bourgeoise or upper class
4	The elite of this society
5	Minority or foreigner part of {npc.their-background[d4]}
6	Offworlder or exotic part of {npc.their-background[d4]}

Let's look at line 5:

5	Minority or foreigner part of {npc.their-background[d4]}

When gm-notepad rolls a 5 on the {npc.their-background} table, it will then roll on the table again, but limit the possible results to entries 1 through 4.

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