This repository is a playground for API's. These are just a collection of items that you can utilize for learning purposes.
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Sample APIs

Understanding RESTful APIs is hard enough, even without including an authentication mechanism. The sole purpose of this repository is to play with RESTful endpoints and learn. We have a few endpoints that you can start playing around with right away! If you are not finding anything you are interested in, create your own endpoints and/or submit a pull request. ( Take a look at the CONTRIBUTING for more information on how to get involved )

Using the API

We have a growing number of APIs to choose from. Head over to and check out the current list of APIs. On the right-hand side, you will see the name of the API, a brief description, and a link. When you have navigated to an individual page, you will be presented with more details about that specific API, along with all the endpoints you can utilize.

All APIs will follow the same url structure; the differences being the base category and the specific endpoint. For example, let's look at the path for Futurama. To get to the basic information about the database, you will navigate to There, you will notice a list of all the endpoints you are interested in and the inventory list. Your url would look like

Once you get to an endpoint, you can do all the normal actions on a RESTful endpoint (eg., GET, POST). Check out the documentation over at JSON-Server as this is the tool that is powering the site.

Starting server locally

Navigate to the folder containing the cloned files. Install dependencies with the command npm i. Once all the dependencies are loaded, run npm start. Open your browser to localhost:5000. Use the site the same way you would from the live version of the website.


  • The data on this site is for educational purposes only and is not owned by
  • Data will be reset back to its original state on a regular basis. If you are updating or adding data to the endpoints and want to have them persist as part of the collection, please contribute to the repo by submitting a pull request.