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Augmented Reality For the Web

threex.webar shows how to get augmented reality using only web technologies. It is a threex extension for three.js. It provides easy to use extension to experiment with augmented reality and three.js. I did a presentation about it. You can find the slides here.

As an example, you can checkout "Hatsunemiku Dancing in Augmented Reality" demo. It is a funny application of threex.webar

A Screenshot


How To Install It

You can install it via script tag

<script src='threex.jsarucomarker.js'></script>
<script src='threex.webcamgrabbing.js'></script>

Or you can install with bower, as you wish.

bower install threex.webar

How To Run The Demo ?

Supported Devices

  • It should run on any web browser which support WebGL and getUserMedia
  • It runs on desktop and mobiles.
  • modern phones, such as nexus 6/9, are powerfull enougth to run it
  • unfortunatly ios browser still lack support for getUserMedia, so iphone and ipads can't play :(

Show Don't Tell

youtube video

vine video

  • examples/contact-sharing-in-ar.html [view source] : It shows how to display informations on a per-marker basis. There is a database which contains the informations. When the proper marker is recognized, the info specific to this marker is displayed. In this example, we provide a contact sharing webapp. Everybody got his own marker. Suppose alice wears a specific marker. Bob load the apps on his mobile, and will see alice contact information when he point it to alice.

youtube video

How To Use It


It recognizes the marker in a video stream. It is then positioned in 3d. You just have to apply that to your own three.js meshes.


It handles the video grabbing. It will take the environment camera if it is available. It provides a nice see-through effect.