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Ranking Functions Finder

pyRankFinder is a python module which try to find Ranking Functions to analyse termination and nontermination of program's loops.

This module has three main python-module dependencies:

  • pyLPi
  • pyParser
  • pplpy

How to Install

Check the installation info here.

How to Use

There are two ways to execute this tool.

The main file is, you can run this command to get all the information:

$ python --help

The second way is: including the module termination

import termination
# config must be a dictionary with all the information needed
termination.analyse(algorithms, cfg)
# or for non termination
termination.analyse_nontermination(algorithms, cfg)
# where algorithms is a list of algorithm objects from termination.algorithm

You can also run a concrete algorithm, but it is not recomended.

from termination.algorithm.lrf import PR

lrf_pr = PR()

Statically-Linked Binary

Check this url.