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Welcome to Joulescope™! Joulescope is an inexpensive, precision energy analyzer that enables you to build better products.
Joulescope™ accurately and simultaneously measures the voltage and current supplied to your target device, and it then computes power and energy. For more information on Joulescope, see

This pyjoulescope package contains the driver and command-line utilities that run on a host PC and communicate with a Joulescope device over USB. Most users will run the graphical user interface which is in the pyjoulescope_ui package. Developers may import this package to automate and script Joulescope operation. The majority of code is written in Python 3.6+, but a small amount is in Cython for better performance. The code currently runs under Windows 10. Linux and Mac OS/X drivers will be available before 2019.


All pyjoulescope code is released under the permissive Apache 2.0 license.