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Welcome to the Joulescope™ python driver!
Joulescope is an affordable, precision DC energy analyzer that enables you to build better products.

This pyjoulescope python package enables you to automate Joulescope operation and easily measure current, voltage, power and energy within your own Python programs. With the Joulescope driver, controlling your Joulescope is easy. The following example captures 0.1 seconds of data and then prints the average current and voltage:

import joulescope
import numpy as np
with joulescope.scan_require_one(config='auto') as js:
    data =
current, voltage = np.mean(data, axis=0, dtype=np.float64)
print(f'{current} A, {voltage} V')

This package also installs the "joulescope" command line tool:

joulescope --help

Most Joulescope users will run the graphical user interface which is in the pyjoulescope_ui package and available for download.


Visit the documentation for details on installing and using this joulescope package.


All pyjoulescope code is released under the permissive Apache 2.0 license. See the License File for details.