A simple, small and fast MVC for PHP5.4
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–noun an introductory discourse; introduction; preface; preamble.

Origin: 1350–1400; < L prooemium < Gk prooímion prelude (pro- pro-2 + oím(ē) song + -ion dim. suffix); r. ME proheme < MF < L, as above



A lightweight, simple MVC for PHP5.4

The main objective here is to create a lightweight, simple & fast MVC implementation using PHP5.4


Installation is simple. Place the root Proem directory wherever you like and insure that the lib directory is on php's include_path. That's it !


We have made available a PHP5.4 sandbox for users wishing to contibute to the project. Becuase PHP5.4 is still in release cadidate stages and is as yet not marked stable and probably wont be popular for a little while to come yet, any users wishing to contribute might not be able to get there hands on a PHP5.4 install.

If you are serious about helping out but don't have access to PHP5.4 please get in contact. I can set you up shell access to our sandbox and you can start contributing today.

Feeds & IRC

Proem now has a dedicated twitter feed http://twitter.com/proem which will automatically post any commits as well as news. If you plan on helping out, you should follow this.

Also available now is an irc channel (#proem) on freenode. Join if you have any questions.

Committing and Pull Requests

If you wish to contribute code to Proem please make sure you check out the Issue Tracker.

Next, create an account on Github (if you haven't done so already).

Create a fork of the Proem Github project (More details on forking).

We (I) follow the git-flow branching model as described by nvie here.