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Mountfix Installer For Obsidian Conflict: (rev 104)
Original manual workaround solution discovered by raidensnake (OC Beta) & Neico (OC Dev)
Original LUA Mountfix by Neico (OC Dev)
Improved C# version Coded by mrchemist (OC Beta)
Uses .NET Framework 4.5
Uses HLlib 2.4.5 by Nemesis (Ryan Gregg)
Uses SteamCMD by Valve Corporation
Uses SourceMod/MetaMod Source by AlliedModders LLC
Uses Obsidian Conflict Sourcemod Extensions by The Obsidian Conflict Development Team
Base Server Config based On the XenoAisam OC Anime Server by raidensnake & The Obsidian Conflict Development Team
Digitally Codesigned by raidensnake (OC Beta)
Lead Testing & Debugging:
raidensnake (OC Beta)
mrchemist (OC Beta)
Shana (OC Dev Leader)
Maestro Fénix (OC Beta)
Special Thanks:
Neico (OC Dev)
Shana (OC Dev Leader)
Tesla-X4 (OC Dev)
Nemesis (Ryan Gregg)
Valve Corporation
AlliedModders LLC
Obsidian Conflict Development Team
Obsidian Conflict Community
Steam CMD & Source Engine ©Valve Corporation
Obsidian Conflict ©Obsidian Conflict Development Team
Mount fix ©mrchemist & Raidensnake's Den Website Network (RSDNTWK)
SourceMod & Metamod Source ©AlliedModders LLC
HLLib ©Nemisis (Ryan Gregg)
Confirmed Tested Client OS:
Windows 7 32/64-bit SP1 All Editions
Windows 8/8.1 32/64-bit All Editions
Windows 10 Tech Preview #2 32/64-bit All Editions
Confirmed Tested Server OS:
Windows Server 2008/R2 64-bit All Editions
Windows Server 2012/R2 64-bit All Editions
Windows Server 10 Tech Preview #2 64-Bit All Editions
.NET framework 4.5
Download Link:
Client & Server-side mount fixing
Supports Server-side steamguard authorisation
Client-side mount loading by writing blank files into the obsidian/mounts folder
Server-side mount download & installation
Server-side folder cleanup
Command-Line options for Installer Intergration
Double Clicking Method:
Client side:
when prompted type client and press enter, the mountfix will run the process automaticly.
Server side:
When prompted type server and press enter
a dialogue will ask for the installation location.
Enter the location including the obsidian folder in the path using quotes " and press enter. eg. "c:\obsidian conflict\obsidian"
Please Note: The obsidian folder will not be touched only the path that leads to it will be used for the mounts eg. "c:\obsidian conflict" during the installation process.
A new window will appear asking for a valid steam username and password and a steamguard authorisation option for code verification as well as options to disable mounts you don't need or have. To proceed enter your steam username and password and click install server. The mountfix will begin the process.
The steam username and password that is requested by the mountfix is only ever used for the login to Official Valve SteamCMD background commands and is never logged or stored in any way shape or form.
The login details entered are automaticly purged when the mountfix has completed the SteamCMD downloading tasks.
We respect people's privacy and data protection.
Please Note: Even if people don't have mounts both client and server side and forget to disable the mounts the mountfix will simply ignore those mounts with the exception of source sdk base 2007 which IS required.
Command Line Method:
Please Note: These commands can also be used for installer integration.
The usage commands are available by typing the command -help and pressing enter
Client side:
to run the mount fix use cmd to point to the obsidian folder and type mountfix.exe -client
cd "c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\sourcemod\obsidian"
mountfix.exe -client
Just like the double click method the process will be automated
Server side:
To run the server side commands, use the following syntax on cmd -server "<steammountfolder\obsidian>" steamusername steampassword "mounts to remove"
cd c:\mountfix
mountfix.exe -server "c:\obsidian conflict\obsidian" steamusername steampassword "ep2,episodic,hl2,css,dod,hl1"
Pease Note: The mounts listed in the brackets are the ones that can be removed. As stated before even if the mounts part isn't entered and people don't have some mounts the mountfix will ignore them if they are not found.
Just like before in the earlier disclaimer. The login details used are only used for SteamCMD commands and are never logged or stored in any way shape or form.