distribution bond market software
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Various distributed bond, smart property and smartcoin work.

See https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=92421.0 for background.

Top-level programs:

	node.py: financial P2P network and DHT client
	smartcoin: tool for querying and creating smartcoin/bond transactions

smartcoin requires TWO wallets, and therefore, TWO bitcoind RPC nodes.  The
RPC host/port/login information is stored in smartcoin.cfg.  Both
smartcoin.cfg and the command line are key=value lists.

smartcoin command line usage:

Create a new issue in the database, from the given JSON input:
$ ./smartcoin mode=create f=issue-data.json

Delete an issue from the database, given the issue id:
$ ./smartcoin mode=delete id=issue_id

Display an issue, given the issue id:
$ ./smartcoin mode=show id=issue_id

Display all known issue ids:
$ ./smartcoin mode=issues