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Note: This is a fairly minor update. The bump in major version number is due to the removal of Text.Pandoc.ManPages and the --man1 and --man5 options, which were only in pandoc for one day.

Note to packagers:

  1. There is no longer a separate pandoc_markdown.5 man page. The two man pages have been merged into pandoc.1.
  2. To create pandoc.1, just do make man/man1/pandoc.1 after building pandoc.

  • Man page changes:
    • Removed --man1, --man5 options (breaking change).
    • Removed Text.Pandoc.ManPages module (breaking API change).
    • Makefile target for man/man1/pandoc.1. This uses pandoc to create the man page from README using a custom template and filters.
    • Added man/ directory with template and filters needed to build man page.
    • We no longer have two man pages: pandoc.1 and pandoc_markdown.5. Now there is just pandoc.1, which has all the content from README. This change was needed because of the extensive cross-references between parts of the README.
    • Removed old data/pandoc.1.template and data/pandoc_markdown.5.template.
  • OpenDocument writer: Do not add a carriage return after a hard line break (Michael Chladek).
  • ConTeXt writer:
    • use \goto for internal links.
    • Added a % at end for \reference to avoid spurious space.
  • Ignore sandbox on 'make quick'