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AIMCoderDojo Little jQuery UI demo I did today.
Bio_AlignIO_bug Erlang!! boing!
CoderDojo Coder Dojo demos
CourseraScala checkpoint
DBIC_prefetch ah, that's prettier
Danielle Glitches
Lynx_ trying to recreate Lynx_ troubles
Meteorswarm STDIN instead of parsefile().
PleaseConvince.Me Raspberry Pi 101
Przemek XML::Twig demo for Przemek
RT9211 Trying to reproduce ghenry TT report.
Rakmakallan Looks like this got past his first error... yuk
Shamanoid Update too.
The_Worst Helping The_Worst
Wolfman2000 Ooo... works on both tiers. Neato.
Wuschii Demo for Wuschii
YAMLTrouble attempting to demo my YAML utf-8 problems
abooz Why does ### break this?
ahannah Andria's decision maker.
alchemy Huh. github Download bug.
alex haha! Now it says:
alex_s Alex for a bug: query_length doesn't get propogated.
antony03 Match any of a list.
catalyst/ManySites Trying to demo partially overlapping skins and controller logic.
census Update census/
code_retreat 2012 code retreat
cubanic more demo'ing
danlinder Demo for Dan Linder
diconzine Need tabs.
dklinkebiel Oh oops, bugfixes
doubi old stuff I forgot to commit apparently
elle Adding our suggested solutions.
emos Woot! 100% what Emos wanted?
ericlee ericlee's bug was that he wasn't escaping the regex.
erlang Moved to
gaussblurinc hmmm... ~ hackery
ghenry Trying to reproduce ghenry TT report.
graphviz old stuff I forgot to commit apparently
irctc985 Typo correction.
irssi Updated channel list
isillitoe isillitoe started asking a MooseX::Workers question.
jabowery no linefeeds demo
jack_knife Grab the src attr.
kblin Trying to help kblin with Bio::SearchIO::hmmer
kishore $hsp->query_string() homology_string() hit_string()
little_converter Little file converter.
mj5q More verbose output... more helpful or less helpful? Oh, oops. I was thinking 'use 5.12.1' did 'use warnings', but it only…
oobbles moar
podcasts People's podcasts
poisonbit Much cleaner to use a hash at the last level.
raspberrypi Tabs I had open
rbuels fresh render
rckopf Took a stab at pruning down to 80.
robertlharris Demo for Denver-pm
ryanrhee90 IPC::Open3 question in #perl-help
selke/blog push test for selke
spekkio Um, why didn't I commit these back on Apr 7?
three18ti Added some earlier suggestions as comments
trg404 Little Dancer form processing demo
webart Added webart's one-liner.
wwm Trying to reproduce Rakmakallan's error.
xenoterracide/Foo old stuff I forgot to commit apparently Little demo for mj5q.
regex.txt meh, lets use DropBox instead
test.markdown test

Hi! My name is Jay. I've been coding since 1995.

I hang out on IRC all the time. I like helping people. But I've very busy. Mostly with computer stuff. :) If you want my help, here's how to get it.

Firstly, do not paste into IRC. Use a code sharing service like no paste or gist.

No paste all three of these things every time:

(1) Your current source code. e.g.:

use 5.12.1;
say "Hello, world!";

Yes, show me everything. If your question is on line 80, say so. If your program is huge then make a small demo program that recreates the part you're struggling with. Programming is mostly about reducing massively complex things into tiny, trivial things.

(2) You running your program, all output, and the next prompt. e.g.:

$ perl
Hello, world!

Yes, show me everything. I can sift through too much information far faster than I can explain to you what I need and why. If you assume "this is the only bit you need" you're probably just slowing us down, wasting your time and mine.

(3) Your current question. ONE question. What were you expecting? What did you get instead? You may have a dozen problems all at once, but you need to start at one question and we'll go from there. One step at a time.

By fully framing one clear question you've got a good chance of realizing the answer yourself. If not, you've greatly helped me (or anyone else!) help you.

Thanks! See you online! :)


(This document is short version of How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. Please give that a read at your convenience. Thanks!)

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