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Classic Macintosh style desktop environment for Arduboy
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Ardutosh is an OS / desktop environment for the Arduboy miniature game system made for the Arduboy game jam 4 where the theme was 'not a game'.

The style is inspired by the classic Macintosh interface.


  • Serial terminal
  • Remote app : use your Arduboy as a USB keyboard and mouse when plugged into a PC. Gamepad mapping for USB keyboard for use with games.
  • Notes text editor allows you to save text to the EEPROM
  • EEPROM hex editor: inspect and edit hex values of your Arduboy’s EEPROM
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • Internal temperature monitor
  • LED tester

Controls: D-pad controls mouse pointer A : toggle on screen keyboard B : mouse click

Build instructions

To compile from source you will need the Arduboy2 library and the Arduino IDE

Open /Source/Ardutosh/Ardutosh.ino in the Arduino IDE and hit build

Flashing other games

Note that there is a bug with the Arduboy bootloader when flashing new games. If flashing a new Arduino sketch after having previously flashing Ardutosh, then first boot the Arduboy into flashlight mode by holding the up button whilst switching on the device.

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