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Fortnite Dashboard
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FN Dash

This is a simple fortnite dashboard designed to allow a select group of people quick access to all their stats. We track all the standard statistics that are avaialable to us (kills/placements/matches), and also generate stats on a game to game basis.

First Time Setup (Development)


$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up -d 

This will build the multiple applications (main app, postgres, redis, celery) and launch them.

$ docker-compose exec postgres bash
  # psql -U [user]
  # \q
  # exit

This loads us into the postgres container and creates the necessary database.

$ docker-compose exec app bash
  # flask db upgrade
  # exit

Finally, we load into the app container and migrate the database

Go to localhost:5000 to see the app (using the built react app)


$ cd app/web
$ yarn install
$ yarn start

This will install the necessary npm components and start the react app.

If you wish to serve the react app from the server, build it with

$ yarn build

This is just to serve on production

Executing Migrations

$ docker-compose exec app bash

Simply load into the app container and follow the Flask-Migration Docs

Please note that alembic isn't magic and needs to have certain migrations checked

Project Layout

+-- _app (The flask application)
|   +-- _api (The main server endpoints)
|   +-- _models (Database model files)
|   +-- _tasks (Celery tasks)
|   +-- (Main core of Flask app)
|   +--
|   +--
|   +--
+-- _docker (Docker build files/scripts)
+-- _migrations (Database migrations folder, managed by alembic)
+-- _util (Bash scripts for Docker mostly)
+-- (docker-compose for development)
+-- docker-compose.yml (Main docker-compose management file)
+-- (Python script file for managing the app)
+-- requirements.txt
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