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libprotobuf-mutator for Apollo


The repository is forked from google/libprotobuf-mutator

libprotobuf-mutator is a library to randomly mutate protobuffers messages.

It could be used together with guided fuzzing engine: libFuzzer.

Customized for fuzzing test against Baidu Apollo self-driving functionalities


To use libfuzzer, install clang-6.0 in the Apollo docker.

sudo apt-add-repository "deb llvm-toolchain-trusty-6.0 main"
wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clang-6.0 lldb-6.0 lld-6.0

After merging the pull request, you should have the following requirements ready

  • CROSSTOOL file for clang-6.0 at /apollo/tools/clang-6.0/
  • Several fuzz driver derived from unit test under /apollo/modules/controller/ and /apollo/modules/integration_test/ with the name contains _fuzz
  • Updated by adding a new git repository for a modified version of libprotbuf-mutator
  • BUILD file for the third-party library located in /apollo/third_party/libprotobuf-mutator.BUILD

Before moving on to build the target module with fuzzing support, we need to fix one minor issue with libfortran in the Apollo docker

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/


To compile the fuzzing unit test, using bazel build with the provided CROSSTOOL. We will use one of the controller fuzzing unit test as an example

bazel build --crosstool_top=tools/clang-6.0:toolchain modules/control/controller:lat_controller_fuzzer --compilation_mode=dbg

The target fuzzing unit test binary will be built in bazel-bin folder. If you take a look at the corresponding BUILD file:

    name = "lat_controller_fuzzer",
    srcs = [""],
    data = ["//modules/control:control_testdata"],
    deps = [
    copts = ["-fsanitize=fuzzer,address",
    linkopts = ["-fsanitize=fuzzer,address"]

The binary is compiled with the option -fsanitize=fuzzer,address, the fuzzer option tells compiler to use libFuzzer driver to build, while the address adds AddressSanitizer. You can optionally add

  • UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer
  • LeakSanitizer
  • ThreadSanitizer
  • etc.

Now, if we run the binary, the fuzzing test will start, and some runtime statistics will appear on the screen. If a crash is encountered, the fuzzing will stop, and the testcase will be saved. For more advanced commandline options, such as using seeds and dictionaries, please refer to the libFuzzer page.

The ProtobufMutator class implements mutations of the protobuf tree structure and mutations of individual fields. The field mutation logic is preliminary -- it can be further improved by adding more domain specific knowledge (e.g., generating valid sequence number for repeated fields), and we are working on it.

gdb is prefered to be used for root cause diagnosis, and some simple instructions are provided

gdb bazel-bin/control/controller/lon_controller_fuzzer
set args ./crash-0x1234567
bt  # output backtrace of crash

See also the modules/control/controller/ and modules/control/controller/ in the pull request for more examples.

Here is a prototype of the fuzzer driver to be written for developers.

#include "src/libfuzzer/libfuzzer_macro.h"

DEFINE_PROTO_FUZZER(const MyMessageType& input) {
  // Code which needs to be fuzzed.

Write Your Own Fuzz Test

The easist way to get start is to write the Fuzz testcase based on the existing unit tests. Following these steps to get start:

  • Copy the * into * under submodule folders
  • Include libfuzzer/libfuzzer_macro.h
  • Use each gtest TEST_F as target function by changing its interface (refering to examples)
  • Implement DEFINE_PROTO_FUZZER accordingly to call the target functions
  • Add the target into BUILD files with required dependency, compilation options, and link options added
  • Build & run


Yunhan Jia @jiayunhan

For Baidu developers, if you have any questions, you can reach out to me on Baidu-Hi.


libprotobuf-mutator for Apollo is forked from the Google open source project, and is provided under Apache Version 2.0 license.


Fork from google/libprotobuf-mutator. Integrate to provide structure-aware fuzzing support for Apollo







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