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RES protocol service library for .NET
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RES Service for .NET
Synchronize Your Clients

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Library for .NET used to create next generation REST, real time, and RPC APIs, where all your reactive web clients are synchronized seamlessly through Resgate.

Visit for more information.

As easy as

ResService service = new ResService("example");
service.AddHandler("model", new DynamicHandler()
    .Get(r => r.Model(new {
        message = "Hello, World!"
    .Access(r => r.AccessGranted()));


Example Description
Hello World Smallest of services serving a static message.
Edit Text Single text field that is updated in real time.
Book Collection List of book titles & authors that can be edited by many.
Search Make live queries against a large customer database.

Basic usage

Create a new service

ResService service = new ResService("myservice");

Define a handler class for a model resource

class MyModelHandler : BaseHandler
    private readonly object model = new
        message = "Hello, .NET World!"

    public void Get(IModelRequest request)

Define a handler class for a collection resource

class MyCollectionHandler : BaseHandler
    private readonly object[] collection = new object[]{
        "first", "second", "third"

    public void Get(ICollectionRequest request)

Define methods on a handler class

class MyResourceHandler : BaseHandler
    public void Double(ICallRequest r)
        r.Ok(2 * (double)r.Params["value"]);

Add/register handler for a resource

service.AddHandler(new MyResourceHandler());

Add handlers for parameterized resources

service.AddHandler("article.$id", new DynamicHandler()
    .Access(r => r.AccessGranted())
    .ModelGet(r =>
        if (DB.TryGetArticle(r.PathParams["id"], out Article article))

Send change event on model update

A change event will update the model on all subscribing clients.

MyModel mymodel = new MyModel { Name = "foo" };
MyModel mymodel = new MyModel { Name = "foo" };
service.With("example.mymodel", resource =>
    mymodel.Name = "bar";
    resource.ChangeEvent(new Dictionary<string, object> {
        { "name", "bar" }

Send add event on collection update:

An add event will update the collection for all subscribing clients.

var mycollection = new List<string> { "first", "second" };
service.With("example.mycollection", resource =>
    resource.AddEvent("third", mycollection.Count);

Add handlers for authentication

service.AddHandler("myauth", new DynamicHandler()
    .AuthMethod("login", r =>
        if ((string)r.Params["password"] == "mysecret")
            r.TokenEvent(new { user = "admin" });
            r.InvalidParams("Wrong password");

Add handlers for access control (with wildcard ">")

service.AddHandler(">", new DynamicHandler()
    .Access(r =>
        if (r.Token != null && (string)r.Token["user"] == "admin")

Add async handler

service.AddHandler("store.users", new DynamicHandler()
    .Get(async r =>
        var users = await DB.QueryAsync("SELECT id FROM users");
        r.Collection(users.Select(u => new Ref("store.user." + u.Id)));

Start service



Inspiration and support in development from, who wrote an initial .NET library for Resgate.


The .NET library is still under development, but the API is mostly settled. Any feedback on the library API or its implementation is highly appreciated!

Once the API is fully settled, the package will be moved to the resgateio GitHub organization.

If you find any issues, feel free to report them as an Issue.

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