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HTML scrolling presentation for math classes with LaTeX syntax for math (using MathJax). The advantage of a scrolling presentation over slides is that you unhide stuff slowly and it more mimics a board. You can "zoom out" to see more of the "board" so that past things don't just disappear into oblivioun.

Simple syntax converted into HTML that is displayed with a web browser. The syntax is explained in the sample presentation pres.prs. You should run ./ in this directory to generate pres.html, which you then view in a browser. To see the syntax, just view the pres.prs file in a text editor. Internet access is required to run the presentation however if MathJax is used, you'd have to edit the file to use a local installation.

For a demo output see the pres.html file.

Some more hacky scripts

The is a very simple script that when passed the name without extension say ./ pres will start a python http server and runs firefox on pres.html. This will work only if you have Linux.

The is an even more Linux/GNOME specific script for writing presentations. You need zsh, epiphany (gnome web), and gvim. You start it as ./ pres and it starts an editor on pres.prs, starts epiphany on pres.html. Whenever you save, the script will rerun quick press (with -A), and epihpany automatically reloads. You might need to edit this script to suit.


HTML scrolling presentation with LaTeX math. Minimalist, designed for teaching math classes. Requires internet access to run the presentation.







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