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Zorka Intranet Collector

This is network collector for transaction traces generated by zorka agent. It's new version of collector, handling new HTTP+CBOR protocol and it's still in early development phase, suitable as development snapshot, not a ready to use product. For production use, old ZICO 1.x is recommended.

Building instructions

Before building ZICO collector, make sure current version of zorka-tdb is built and present in your .m2 directory. JDK8 and Leiningen need to be present in PATH.

In order to build production version run the following command in project directory::

lein do clean, sass once, uberjar

Setting up development environment

In development mode, several components need to be started. In order to start ClojureScript compiler run the following command in project directory:

lein figwheel

This will start a process that will watch for changes in source code and recompile changed files automatically. It uses figwheel which is very cool plugin that automatically hot loads changed code into your browser when developing.

CSS styles are compiled from .scss using SASS compiler. In order to start process waching and recompiling changes, run command:

lein sass watch

Starting development instance

Development instance can be started either via lein repl or form IDE (I recommend Cursive IDE for developing Clojure projects).

Instance needs some working directory (it can be empty) that has to be passed via zico.home property. Also should be set in order to get hot code reload working. Example JVM parameters:

-Dzico.home=/tmp/zico-devel -Xms512m -Xmx4096m

This will start instance with embedded H2 database. For configuring with MySQL, empty database has to be set up and zico.conf configured with MySQL has to be put into working directory. Schema and initial data will be automatically loaded into database.


For more information see website.


Trace data collection and presentation




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