This is some code I wrote for a talk I gave on testing at SF Python
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SF Python Testing

This is a lightning quick introduction to virtualenv, nose, mock, monkey patching, dependency injection, and doctest. See the blog post:

I first presented this material at SF Python Meetup, hence the name of the repository.


# Make sure you're using the version of Python you want to use.
which python

sudo easy_install -U setuptools
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install virtualenv
mkdir ~/Desktop/sfpythontesting
cd ~/Desktop/sfpythontesting
virtualenv env

# Do this anytime you want to work on the application.
. env/bin/activate

# Make sure that pip is running from within the env.
which pip

# Previously ran:
# pip install nose
# pip install mock
# pip freeze > requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements.txt

Running Tests

nosetests --with-doctest